This gorgeous Victorian image would be lovely for a wedding thank you card or reception table place card

With economic times being as tough as they are, many weddings won’t be as opulent as they might have been a few years ago. But not to worry, because the World Wide Web allows many options for designing quality wedding components at home. Getting much of what you need for your wedding online can make a big difference in the final price tag. You’ll be happy to know there's quite a bit of free vintage clip art you can find online that will help you design your wedding theme.

Since there’s a lot involved with finding the perfect wedding clipart, it might be prudent to ask for assistance from family members. Time to call in the troops! But what if you and your family and friends don’t know where to begin your search for wedding clip art? First, consider your own personal home decorating style. That should give you a good general idea of your tastes. Which colors are the most prominent in your home? Understanding your color preferences is a terrific place to begin. Next, you should determine whether you like fancy or plain, frilly or tailored. Taking stock of the color and feel of your home will allow you to more easily settle on a wedding theme. Once you know what hues you want to pursue, do an online search for vintage flower clipart. Why do I recommend free vintage flower clip art instead of something more modern? Because you’ll find that vintage art has great diversity and creates a classic feel. If you really want to make sure your wedding has a classic look, look for vintage rose images. If you use these perennial favorites on your wedding invitations or favors, people will think a lot of money was spent on them. Using these lovely classic flowers will show everyone your good taste.