The online world is filled with countless free Thanksgiving images that have terrific potential. They can be used to illustrate the holiday on websites or blogs, or for one of my favorite things: Thanksgiving crafts. As an example, crafts made from vintage Thanksgiving cards are easy-as-pie, because vintage images are both versatile and very effective at getting a point across. These pictures also usually cost nothing to download and their use doesn't have any repercussions because their age puts them beyond copyright protection.

Just a quick online search using the search term “vintage Thanksgiving cards” will produce a huge number of free images from which many cool crafts projects can be made. And if you're not a fan of vintage, contemporary Thanksgiving clip art or these fall scrapbooking papers can also be used to produce beautiful craft projects.

Here are some examples of simple projects virtually anyone can make by using free images found online:

* Thankful Garlands *
Making thankful garlands can be as simple as having guests or family members write their blessings on leaves cut from construction paper. Then, just print some vintage Thanksgiving cards and with the help of tiny clothespins, affix the cards and the leaves in an alternating pattern onto a piece of yarn or ribbon. If you don't have any clothespins, paper clips, colorful clamps from the office supply store or tape will hold the components in place. If you want, you could also use contemporary Thanksgiving clip art instead of the cards to alternate with the leaves. Once the garland is completed, hang it from a windowsill or a mantelpiece to show off everyone's good work!

* Handmade Thanksgiving Greeting Cards *
When you've downloaded the Thanksgiving image you'd like to use, paste it into a word processing or PowerPoint document. You can make the card virtually whatever size you want by adjusting the software's settings. Position the image on one half of the card, so it can be folded in half once it's printed. Print the card on sturdy stock, fold it and use a little glitter glue to make it sparkle. You can also make your own envelopes or just get some at the dollar store.

* Thanksgiving Table Place Cards *
Some believe a Thanksgiving dinner table is bare and incomplete without table place cards. Fortunately, these can be made quite easily using free clip art images or vintage cards. Simply download the the image or images you like and insert them into a table in your word processing or other type of program. Make the table two columns by six or eight rows, depending on how tall you want the cards to be. Paste the art into every other cell, making sure there's enough room to write people's names. Then, print onto heavy card stock, cut the place cards using a paper cutter or a ruler and craft knife and they'll be ready to fold in half. Voila! That's all it takes. Your Thanksgiving table will be instantly more beautiful.

I hope you have a great time making these Thanksgiving craft projects and that you have a great Thanksgiving!